ITSU Sensei Inspire

a masterpiece of the ITSU Sensei Master Series

Inspired by the world’s luxurious supercars, ITSU Sensei Inspire combines the streamlined aerodynamic design with ergonomic seating comfort to deliver the ultimate professional massage experience. With just a push of the button and the roaring sound of ignition will excite your senses for an exhilarating ride of relaxation.

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45 Massages

All Automatic, All Yours

ITSU Sensei Inpire is programmed with 45 automatic massages to give the complete care and comfort you truly deserved – from head to toe. Combining the humanistic massage methods and techniques, ITSU Sensei Inspire gives you the unparalleled immersive massage experience.

Focusing on 5 main body regions – neck, shoulders, back, hips and glutes – each is paired with 9 massage techniques, and hence the 45 automatic massages. At the same time, 68 airbags are distributed all over the body, focusing on the back, arms, glutes and legs, which are complemented by 4 massage techniques that operate with 16 airbags respectively.

The other good stuff.

Tech Specs

Model number

220-240V, 50/60Hz

Power consumption



Product Dimension (Length x Width x Height)
Non-tilting position : Approx.1580x840x1330mm
Tilting position : Approx. 2000 x 840 x 1090mm (fully Extend)
Tilting position : Approx. 1920 x 800 x 1130mm (Normal)

Body Weight
Nett Weight : 84kg
Gross Weight : 97kg

Side Plate Weight :
Nett Weight : 36kg
Gross Weight : 45.5kg

Head Cover Weight :
Nett Weight : 25kg
Gross Weight : 27.5kg

Color Option

Olive  |  Blue

Product Warranty

Warranty Period
2 Years

Warranty Type
Local Warranty